One of the Best Mistresses in London - Japanese Mistress Suri is your dream domination and fetish escort.

If you want I can take you to places you’ve never seen before, but always have wanted to visit.

I have a dark and sadistic nature and will make any man desperate to obey my wishes. I take great pleasure in my slave’s agony and humiliation. I will inflict a combination of the most sensual and physical torture you can bear. Regardless of what I demand of you, your mistress will have you convinced that it is what you deserve and what you need. Beyond submission you will worship your Mistress Suri and you will leave wanting nothing more than to be my loyal minion.

My calming voice and beautiful eyes will put any slave under my spell. Once you are under Mistress Suri control, my cruel side will emerge to break and mould you according yo my desire. A perfectionist at heart, Mistress Suri will not hesitate to apply a creative discipline to make sure her slave is well behaved. Even after enduring her raging sensual abuse, you will find yourself begging for more.

Though Mistress Suri enjoys being cruel, she can be very playful and sweet but only on her terms. If you obedient enough, she may even allow you to worship her feet. 

by Suri DeCouture xx











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